La Femme Fleur

For this project, the starting point is a watercolor painting. First, the artistic work is transformed with a technical approach to hatching. Not only the orientation of the hatchings, but also the direction of welding and the loop shape given to each section of wire influence the image created, as well as the play of light. Various tests are carried out to find the best rendering. 

The final choice is one that brings out the original design in magical evidence. The effects of the gold threads in movement, or simply under the reflection of sunlight, make this a jewel.


You don't need to have a drawing, painting or graphic file to create a project. We can even interpret a texture!

From a simple fabric sample, we create a dial that perfectly renders the structure of the textile in welded gold threads.

Magnificent compositions

Our gold wires can be colored, and work well with miniature paint, diamonds, 3D printing, relief motifs, marquetry, enamel... the creativity is limitless!

Watches and more

The possibilities are almost endless, and of course it's not just watch dials that we can decorate... the hands of a watch, the temples of a pair of glasses, a fountain pen, a souvenir object, a pendant and so many other ideas and perspectives that we can develop for and with you!

Muse by WireArt

Discover the elegance and lightness of this women's watch with a titanium case. Its sophisticated, contemporary design highlights the natural beauty of this high-end material.

The titanium case gives the watch exceptional strength, while remaining incredibly light and comfortable to wear. Combined with a delicate stainless steel or quality leather strap, this watch becomes a real jewel on your wrist. Combining style and functionality, this watch is the ideal choice for modern women looking for both a trendy accessory and a quality timepiece.